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This is when we can travel again like before and will we need vaccine passports

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This is when we can travel again like before and will we need vaccine passports

The Covid-19 has been all over us for almost a year now. We completely changed the way we work, we changed our behaviors, we changed almost everything in our life.

At first site is should have been just another regular virus, but it turned out to be one of the biggest issues the humanity faced in modern history. And still is.

The numbers have been rapidly growing every day. There was a lower rate during the summer, but from September almost every single country in the world is hitting new high both in number of infected people and number of deaths.

We only have one hope: the vaccine. Starting from early December, 2 vaccines have been approved in the United States and mass vaccination process is undergoing. Other countries are now following the same path. It will be long process until many people gat vaccinated, but that should be the end of the pandemic everyone is waiting for.

Travel again

No one can give an accurate estimation or a time frame when we can travel again like we did before, but one this is for sure – we are getting there. The idea behind the vaccination is to gather herd immunity after a percentage of between 50-90% of the people are immune to the virus.

According to Fauci, travel will gradually ease up as people begin to get vaccinated, he told the New York Times. “There is no black and white, light switch on, light switch off,” he said.

Vaccine passport

We have been hearing this idea for sometime now. But is it real? Is it really possible? No one can rally confirm or deny this yet, it’s way too early. However, more and more countries officials were mentioning this idea at some point in the past year. Regarding the vaccine passport Dr. Fauci said: Everything is on the table!

And lets just make it clear, if this kind of passport really becomes a reality, it won’t be a Covid-19 only passport. It will include other vaccines too. But we are still way far from it… If there is any…

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